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Wrongful Death

At Mokaram Law Firm, we understand how painful it is to lose a loved one, especially if that loss is the result of somebody else’s irresponsible behavior. Nobody deserves to suffer because of another’s failure to act decently. When this happens to a loved one, not only are family members stricken with significant emotional distress, but are often burdened with financial fallout. Medical bills, funeral costs, and loss of income or inheritance are among a list of possible financial hardships that can be unfairly incurred upon your family.

Taking legal action in such a time of trouble can be hard to imagine for a lot of families. But it’s also important that the responsible party, whether it’s an individual or a corporation, be held accountable for their actions. While nothing can bring back your lost loved one, making the responsible party face justice can help bring closure to your family.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Laws pertaining to wrongful death vary state by state, but in almost all places a suit must be filed by the family of a wrongful death victim. A wrongful death claim can be filed if a death was the direct result of some other person’s negligent or criminal actions. It must also be shown that the surviving family has suffered monetary damage. Only when all these criteria are met may a wrongful death claim be filed.

A wrongful death might come from a number of complex situations, but wrongful death is most commonly the result of:

Medical Malpractice: If a medical professional fails to act in accordance with the standards of their field, and those actions cause a patient to die, then that death is considered wrongful. For example, a doctor might misdiagnose a patient, or make an error when administering medication. And if one of these negligent actions causes a patient to die, then a doctor can be held liable.

Automobile Accidents: Wrongful death claims are also very commonly associated with car accidents. This makes sense given how common car accidents are, and how dangerous they tend to be. But a collision must be the result of a driver’s negligent behavior, and not just purely accidental, for a resulting death to be considered wrongful.

Criminal Behavior: Whenever a person intends to do somebody harm, they can be held liable for any death that their actions cause. Most criminally-based wrongful death claims follow a criminal trial, and share much of the same evidence.

Workplace Accidents: A workplace accident can constitute wrongful death if an employer fails to provide their employee with a safe working environment. If an employer doesn’t provide all of the proper safety equipment, or if an employee is exposed to hazardous materials, then a following death may be considered wrongful.

Contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have lost somebody you love as the result of some other person’s negligence, the lawyers at Mokaram Law Firm, can help you navigate the complex legal proceedings associated with a wrongful death claim. While considering legal action while the wound is still fresh may seem insensitive, there is only limited time to file a claim. Call (713) 900-2222 to speak with a lawyer to learn more about what can be done in your situation.

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