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Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

While automobile accidents present a significant risk of harm, the light weight of a motorcycle and lack of metal encasing the driver makes motorcyclists more prone to serious injury or death. The lack of protection motorcycle riders face often causes detrimental injury, disability, or fatality in the event of an accident. Additionally, recovery for victims of a motorcycle accident is usually longer than for an automobile accident. Many times, motorcycle collisions are borne out of other drivers’ negligence. Reckless driving from another driver can be anything from a minor annoyance to a dangerous hazard for other cars. For motorcyclists, irresponsible driving can very easily turn fatal. Whether another driver stops too quickly in front of you, misjudges your speed, or fails to yield to you, accidents caused by negligence justify compensation from responsible parties.

Involvement in a motorcycle accident is a serious, life-threatening, and frightening experience. These injuries often involve spinal cord injuries, neck and head trauma, and bone fractures, among other severe damages. The impassioned team of lawyers at Mokaram Law Firm understands the financial burden and physical rehabilitation likely to result from a motorcycle collision. We are dedicated to lessening as much financial burden as possible on your path to healing.

Unique Hazards Faced by Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are often more cautious and aware of their surroundings than automobile drivers, due to additional challenges they face on the road. Road hazards unique to motorcycle riders may include:

  • A lack of visibility to other drivers
  • Adverse weather affecting bikers to a larger degree
  • Debris, uneven roads, potholes, slippery pavement, large rocks
  • Lack of seat belts, air bags, or metal protection
  • Front wheel “wobble”
  • Less stability during emergency braking and swerving
  • A lack of necessary skill from inexperienced riders

When a driver fails to exercise reasonable caution in regard to motorcyclists and the additional challenges they face on the road, the result can be calamitous.

How Much Money Can I Recover?

The compensation you will ultimately be eligible for will vary depending on the details of your case, including the severity of your injuries and the cause of the accident. You should be able to recover compensation to pay for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning potential
  • Rehabilitative expenses
  • Travel costs for treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death benefits, if your family member passes away as a result of a motorcycle accident

It is difficult to give an average settlement amount without discussing your case. That said, some examples of results we have reached in the past include:

  • Houston Motorcycle Accident – CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT
  • Houston Trucking Accident – $3 MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT
  • Wheeler Leg Amputation – $1 MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT
  • Rollover Defect Accident – CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Why Choose Mokaram Law Firm?

If you want to ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve, then you will need the help of a knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced lawyer. At Mokaram Law Firm, we have what it takes to get you back on your feet and back to your life after a motorcycle accident.

We have spent over 25 years representing our friends and neighbors in the greater Houston area. In that time we have garnered numerous awards for our successes, including being named to the Best Law Firms in America, the National Trial Lawyer’s Top 100 Lawyers list, and the Best Attorneys of America.

More important than these accolades are the results we have won for our clients. We are proud to represent over 700 NFL players in concussion lawsuits against the NFL, and have recovered over 1 BILLION dollars for these clients alone. We are not intimidated by any case, regardless of who the opponent may be.

To learn more about what our clients think about us, read what they have to say about us.  Or, to see for yourself why so many choose Mokaram Law Firm to represent them in their Houston personal injury claims, schedule a totally free consultation with us today.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While drivers are supposed to share the road with motorcyclists, negligence in accommodating motorcycle riders happens far too often when drivers engage in high-risk behavior. Sometimes, a defective motorcycle part causes a collision at the hands of a careless manufacturer. Whatever the case, the impassioned lawyers at Mokaram Law Firm believe too many motorcyclists’ lives are taken by negligence. That’s why we want to fight to hold responsible parties accountable. If you or someone you love was involved in a motorcycle accident because of another person’s carelessness, contact our legal team at (713) 900-2222 for guidance in your case.

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* 1 Billion includes a portion of the NFL Concussion Settlement. For more information on our cases and recoveries, please contact us directly. Federal Judge Anita Brody has approved NFL litigation to provide over $1 Billion dollars in a settlement on behalf of retired NFL players.

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