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When a lawsuit is filed on behalf of a large number of people who suffered a personal injury, damages, or adverse conditions from the same source, it is referred to as mass tort litigation. A mass tort claim could arise from a variety of unfortunate circumstances, such as multiple residents of an apartment building being exposed to a toxic chemical, a defective product or drug causing ill health effects in a large number of consumers, or a large company underpaying their employees. Mass torts are similar to class action lawsuits, but have a few key differences; while both involve multiple plaintiffs bringing a collective claim against another party, mass tort claims treat each plaintiff on a more individualized basis. Unlike class action lawsuits, it is not assumed that each person harmed by the damaging circumstance or product has suffered the same injury.

Because mass tort lawsuits are brought against unfortunate events that cause suffering on a large scale, these claims generally result in substantial losses for all parties involved. The adept legal team at Mokaram Law Firm understands that the circumstances with which you have had to suffer personal injury are unfair and most likely a result of negligence from a larger institution. Our mass tort attorneys fight for the restitution and collective justice of all those who have had to resort to a mass tort lawsuit to have their claims heard.

Types of Mass Tort Litigation

Mass tort litigation typically has three distinctive characteristics: they must involve a large volume of claims brought against the same product or circumstance, the underlying facts of each claim must be similar, and the claims should be complementary to one another. An array of circumstances can lead to mass tort litigation, some of which include:

  • Toxic tort claims, regarding exposure to a dangerous substance or chemical
  • Consumer product claims, regarding a dangerous item on the market that has harmed a large number of consumers
  • Pharmaceutical claims, regarding a dangerous drug with deadly, unintended, or undisclosed side effects
  • Antitrust claims, regarding monopolization or agreements made to restrain trade
  • Man-made disaster claims, regarding plant explosions, building fires, etc.

Mass torts are designed to address a wide number of similar claims in a way that is efficient and economically beneficial. While a single attorney may address mass tort litigation, a pool of dedicated lawyers commonly work together to share information and resources so that each plaintiff receives appropriate compensation.

Contact a Mass Tort Attorney

While it may be devastating to suffer collective personal injury from an adverse or negligent company, the well-versed mass tort lawyers at Mokaram Law Firm can work to make a calamitous situation less painful by fighting for just compensation for all innocent parties. If you or someone you know is facing personal damages from a dangerous product or condition that has caused suffering on a large scale, don’t hesitate to contact our legal team at (713) 900-2222.

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