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Ex-NFL player comments on lawsuit against Houston Texans

Former Philadelphia Eagles and Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans requested a Texas federal court to send his tort claims against the Houston Texans back to state court on Friday, December 30. Ryans claims the case does not implicate the National Football League’s collective bargaining agreement.

The Texans said the personal injury claims are preempted by the collective bargaining agreement under the Labor Management Relations Act.

In his motions to remand, Ryans argued that, “In fact, the only reference Ryans makes to the CBA in his first amended petition is by way of an express disclaimer providing that none of his claims ‘based on any provision of the [CBA] governing the terms and conditions of employment of [NFL] players.’ Furthermore, Ryans expressly states that the CBA is not the source of any claim asserted herein and expressly disclaims any potential remedy or cause of action that could be brought under the CBA for the injury and/or occurrence in question.”

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Abusive policeman, McKinney PD, and town proper sued by teenager for personal injury

A video, which showed former police corporal Eric Casebolt throwing a 15-year-old girl to the ground after she was commanded to leave a neighborhood pool party, went viral and shocked the nation in 2015. The girl, who had told the officer she needed to search for her glasses before leaving, was immediately attacked by the officer. The Texas Rangers subsequent investigation of Casebolt led him to resign; at the end of the investigation and trial, a grand jury decided not to indict him anyway.

In June 2016, the girl, Dajerria Becton; her family; and their lawyer, Kim Cole, held a press conference outside the McKinney Police Department in Texas, saying they planned to file civil and personal injury lawsuits against Casebolt, the city of McKinney, and the police department. And that’s what they did the first week of January 2017.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Becton is seeking a settlement from the city as she “would be best served at a private school for the remainder of her high school years due to the social backlash” from what happened.

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Wichita Falls makes it onto list of “Most Dangerous Intersections in Texas”

Wichita Falls made the list of the top 279 “Most Dangerous Intersections in Texas,” with two of its intersections making the list.

The intersection of Kell and Kemp Boulevard had 75 crashes, 21 injuries, and no fatalities and came in at Number 228 on the list, while the area of Kell Boulevard and McNiel Avenue had 64 crashes, 27 injuries, and no fatalities. It was listed Number 218. In assessing the situation, Wichita Falls Police Department Sergeant Harold McClure noted, “Between Kemp and Kell (boulevards) and Kemp Boulevard and Call Field Road, those are probably the two busiest intersections in the city.”

Between 2012 and 2015, the report says the intersection of Bissonnet Street and Sam Houston Parkway in Houston had 335 crashes, 263 injuries, and no fatalities, making it Texas’ most dangerous intersection.

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Four dead, four injured in Frederickburg three-vehicle collision

Four individuals lost their lives and four others sustained injuries during a three-vehicle collision on Highway 290 near Farm to Market Road 1376 in Fredericksburg, Texas on Saturday, December 3 just before noon.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety officials, one vehicle was headed west along the highway when it switched lanes into the eastbound lane and was subsequently hit by another vehicle. A third vehicle crashed into the two other vehicles that were already involved in the accident.

The wounded people were transported to hospitals in San Antonio and Fredericksburg for the immediate medical treatment of their wounds of an unknown nature. There are no reports yet as of the present condition of those who were injured.

Our condolences go out to the victims of this tragic accident as well as their loved ones from the Mokaram Law Firm. We wish a speedy recovery as well to all injured parties.

Woman files lawsuit against Harris County after hit with squad car

Cypress resident Gabriela Valencia recently filed a lawsuit against Harris County after Sergeant Matt Stouffer of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office allegedly struck her with his patrol car on December 9, 2014. The accident occurred along the Spring Cypress-Woods Spillane intersection.

Documents filed on Monday, November 21 in Harris County Court showed Valencia is seeking $100,000 for personal injury and mental anguish. According to preliminary investigations, upon making a right turn onto Spring Cypress, Stouffer’s vehicle crashed into Valencia, causing her head hit the curb. A Google Maps image from May of this year showed there was no crosswalk at the Spring Cypress-Woods Spillane intersection.

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Mokaram Law Firm Launches New Website

For more than 25 years, attorney Ali Mokaram and his team have been helping injured individuals in Houston and across the United States. This week, the firm is proud to announce the launch of their new website at www.mokaramlawfirm.com.

The new site will serve as a central resource on the web for injured individuals who are seeking experienced, tenacious legal assistance. It will also be a valuable resource for families of those injured, as well as NFL players who are eligible for compensation from the 1 Billion dollar concussion settlement.

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