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You’re Involved in A Car Accident; What Do You Do Next?

There are many lists explaining what you should do if you have been involved in a car accident, but many of them are from insurance companies who are not on your side!


Here is a list you can trust, designated to guide you through the burdens of a motor vehicle accident:

  1. STOP– always stop your vehicle when involved in a car accident, it is against the law to flee the scene of the accident.


  1. CHECK YOURSELF FOR INJURIES– call 911 if regardless of the situation.

If you are hurt and need medical attention, 911 will be able to assist you by sending an ambulance, the authorities or any additional help to your location. If you can move without hurting yourself, safely get out of the car.

If a police officer does not show up to the scene of the accident, no report will be available.  You are able to file a report on your own if there it is not a major accident with major injuries. If the authorities choose not to show up, take a video of the other driver giving a statement and of witnesses as well.

  1. TAKE PICTURES OF THE VEHICLES AT THE SCENE– this is a key step. Many people forget to take pictures of the vehicles at the scene of the accident. Take pictures of the damages to all vehicles involved. Once you have taken clear pictures from all angles, move your vehicle to a safe location.

On numerous occasions, our firm receives cases where there are conflicting statements from all parties involved in the accident. We take on the challenge of proving our client is not at fault regardless of what the defendant says. Pictures that show the exact position of all vehicles could make or break your claim.

  1. EXCHANGE INFORMATION– this is the step most people are familiar with, the easiest way to exchange information is by taking a PICTURE of:
  • Insurance Card
  • Driver’s License

This information is needed to identify the other driver. The insurance card should have the vehicle information, if not then gather as much information as possible such as: License Plate, Make and Model of Vehicle and Phone Number.

  1. EVEN IF YOU FEEL SORE, IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO SEE A DOCTOR– it is very common to start feeling pain right after or the days following the accident. You should at least visit your primary care physician if you only feel sore because it serves as proof of injuries.

Adjusters want to pay as little as possible or not at all, cover your bases and help yourself.


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