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“We met over the phone and I can truly say y’all were always one phone call away every time I needed something. Can’t say that about too many firms.”

Robert Brazile

Mokaram Law Firm handled my settlement claim with speed, attention to detail, and professionalism. Though I had a great relationship with the partners at Mokaram, Maya Smith was my dedicated contact and did an amazing job of explaining the process to me, arranging exams, and managing communication between myself and the NFL. Mokaram made themselves available whenever I had a question and made a seemingly impossible process not only manageable but ultimately successful.

Gerome Sapp.

” They kept me updated throughout the entire process. My experience with the Mokaram Law Firm has been A++.”

Greg Scott

“ Knowing you have brain damage, you have to be able to put your life in someone hands. At Mokaram Law Firm, they are very professional, trustworthy and will fight to get what’s owed to you. If you have any questions they are a phone call away. They work 24/7 for you. I’m so glad I signed up with Mokaram Law Frm. After the case, they are still in touch like family. Can’t beat that “


“ Mokaram Law Firm was available to me day in & day out and they walked me through this entire complicated process one step at a time ”


“ The Mokaram Law Firm handled my NFL Concussion Case and by far it was the best decision I ever made because there were many firms to choose from. It really was an easy process for me because of the knowledgeable staff they have. I want to especially mention who handle my case. Although the attorneys are the lead and the face, their staff is very important and Maya Smith (who handled all my paperwork and contacts and appointments) was outstanding and very patient with me since I would never return phone calls. I always thought it would take a long time, so I was not in a hurry to do anything but she stayed on me and would not wait until I called back. She knew answers to any questions I had and had a calming demeanor to any excitement that was going on, not with me but with some of my other NFL buddies. I was very impressed with the lead attorneys and I would recommend Mokaram Law Firm for anything “


duda alguna estoy muy agradecida por haber llevado el caso de mi accidente de la mejor manera tanto en lo profesional como en la agilidad que le dieron a pesar de que fue un caso complicado, todo se solucionó muy rápido, quiero agradecer la atención tan profesional de la Lic. Angelica que en todo momento estuvo en contacto con migo y al Lic. Everardo, son personas muy amables y sin duda un buffet de abogados muy confiable y 100% recomendable, muchas gracias por todo, buffet de abogados MOKARAM !!!


* 1 Billion includes a portion of the NFL Concussion Settlement. For more information on our cases and recoveries, please contact us directly. Federal Judge Anita Brody has approved NFL litigation to provide over $1 Billion dollars in a settlement on behalf of retired NFL players.

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